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The Foundation for California Community Colleges (Foundation) plays a significant role in supporting one of the most open and accessible systems of higher education in the world. The ways in which the Foundation is positioned through our writing and visual identity impacts the perception of the organization and that of the California Community College system.

The Foundation leads with its mission to support the California Community College system, yet holds a distinct character as an entity that is dynamic, nimble, innovative, and optimistic. The Foundation seizes opportunity and embodies adaptability, collaboration, and resourcefulness. Our work innovates, incubates, and operates programs and services all benefiting the California Community Colleges, the students, and the communities they serve.

The Foundation brand is reflected in every interaction with our partners, including the voice assumed in written materials and in a visual identity. It is guided by the goals and commitments of the California Community Colleges’ Vision for Success.


Who Should Use This Guide

This reference is designed to help create consistency and professionalism throughout Foundation materials. Staff, consultants, Collaborative Impact Partners, and others developing written materials bearing the Foundation name or logo are required to use this guide to ensure their creative projects reflect the Foundation brand. Those communicating on behalf of the Foundation are expected to share materials with the Advancement team for final review, formatting, and support.

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