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Core Messages


The mission of the Foundation is to benefit, support, and enhance the missions of the California Community College system.

The missions of the California Community Colleges can be found in California’s higher education master plan.


The Foundation for California Community Colleges serves as a hub for innovation and an intermediary for transformative change at scale.

Who We Are

The Foundation is the official nonprofit supporting the Board of Governors, the Chancellor’s Office, and the California Community College system. Our work helps to benefit all California Community College students, colleges, college foundations, and the system as a whole by accelerating paths to economic and social mobility, strengthening communities, and reducing barriers to opportunity for all Californians.

Areas of Impact

Student Success
The Foundation supports large-scale reform efforts to accelerate student completion and transfer rates.

Workforce Development
The Foundation oversees the development of programs and responsive training innovations that help better prepare California’s workforce to meet the needs of our nation’s evolving economy. 

Equity programs deliver specialized support to traditionally underrepresented groups, including immigrants, foster youth, and veterans, to ensure all students are able to meet their basic needs and achieve educational goals.

Community Impact
Community Impact programs continue to serve low-income and disadvantaged communities across the state by quickly and efficiently connecting them to resources that can positively impact their lives.

System Support
Our organization helps to advance and accelerate the priorities of the California Community Colleges through support services and programs that bridge silos and bring efficiency to work occurring at the local and system level.

Supporting the Vision for Success

The Foundation believes in the power of the California Community Colleges to change lives and strengthen communities statewide. We recognize that through our ongoing partnership with the California Community Colleges system--and its 116 community colleges that serve students regionally and locally and the new fully online college that reaches working learners across the state--we have an unparalleled reach and opportunity to make lasting impact. 

As the official auxiliary and trusted partner to the California Community Colleges and the Chancellor’s Office, the Foundation works in alignment with the system’s current guiding strategic plan, and is committed to supporting the system in achieving our shared goals. In 2017, the California Community Colleges Board of Governors officially adopted the Vision for Success, which currently serves as the system’s guiding light for student centered reform. The ambitious strategic plan is bolstered by the Chancellor’s steadfast commitment to bold, innovative solutions designed to promote equitable outcomes and economic mobility for all Californians.

Vision Goals

  1. Improve completion rates.
  2. Increase transfer to the UC or CSU systems.
  3. Decrease the number of excess units.
  4. Increase job placement for CTE students.
  5. Eliminate equity gaps among traditionally underrepresented students.
  6. Eliminate regional equity gaps.

Vision Commitments

  1. Focus relentlessly on students’ end goals.
  2. Always design and decide with the student in mind.
  3. Pair high expectations with high support.
  4. Foster the use of data, inquiry, and evidence.
  5. Take the ownership of goals and performance.
  6. Enable action and thoughtful innovation.
  7. Lead the work of partnering across systems.

Doubling Our Impact


The Foundation is on a mission to double its impact by 2028. Guided by the California Community Colleges’ ambitious Vision for Success, our projects and services seek to be at the forefront of innovation and excellence in higher education across five areas of impact: student success, workforce development, equity, community impact, and system support.

We are proud of the pivotal role we play in forging new partnerships and accelerating bold approaches to advance the California Community Colleges and the communities they serve.

Double Impact Plan (2020 - 2028)

The Foundation has established a new Double Impact Plan, designed to guide our path for the next eight years. It identifies five goal areas and lays out an adaptive approach and integrated planning framework that will shape our planning process. This plan has been developed through a collaborative process and adopted by the Foundation’s Board of Directors on June 17, 2020.

Our Double Impact aspirations are shaped around five major strategic goal areas.

  1. Mission Driven: Play a critical role, across five areas of impact, in advancing the mission of the California Community Colleges in helping to achieve economic and social equity
  2. Strong Partnerships: Leverage a broad network of partners and supporters to exponentially increase impact towards achieving the goals of the system.
  3. Implementation and Scaling: Deliver on our commitments and work nimbly and across silos to implement and grow high-quality programs at scale.
  4. Innovation Hub: Serve as a hub for transformative innovation in the education ecosystem.
  5. Model for Sustainability: Operate with excellence that empowers the organization to maintain our focus on mission and to take on large scale work with lasting impact.

Download the Foundation's Double Impact Plan >

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